Mind Your Digital Reputation

DeeNot a while ago, we were closing in on a service arrangement with some rich person in the city of Kampala. We had gone through the procedures, reviewed the contract, engaged the lawyers who had given a green light for us to proceed. Somehow, my intuition (I would like to acknowledge it was the Holy Spirit) led me into running just one last check online, just to find out more about the person we were dealing with. Though he is popular among the who is who in the city, it was my first time to interact with him. I used what I had at my disposal, Google. I was shocked by what I discovered. Most (if not all) was negative. I wondered, could this person have so many enemies that have lined up a lot of negative publicity for him? How come it was not just strangers but friends, family raising complaints? Who is this person, I asked myself? Are we safe? I was totally appalled! Of course, I needed to share my info with the key decision makers who were equally as shocked as I was and decided then, that we needed to slow down.  Continue reading


People of Influence – Priscilla

Priscilla - 1

Priscilla M. Serukka. Regional Director, SF East Africa

My first interaction with her was towards the end of 2012. I was being interviewed for a job at Stromme Foundation and she was on the panel. Oh, how I used to dread interviews! This was my first job interview ever. After several talks between myself and God, I understood that this was beyond just getting a job, it was a start of something bigger. Another season of Him refining me for His Kingdom purpose. But He needed me to take the first step.  My interview was nothing like I imagined it to be. It turned out to be one of the best interviews I had ever been a part of. ( I had interviewed a few people before). It was more of a conversation where I shared about my work, aspirations and why I thought I was the best fit for the job.  I recall that the moment Priscilla smiled at me as I entered the room, I gained the confidence and momentum that I needed to pull me through.   Continue reading

The Lady, Her Career and Her Home.

Everyone, gather around, my sister and friend, Hope K. Twesige has some insightful lessons to give to us from her extensive study and meditation on the word of God written about the Proverbs 31 woman.

This post is dedicated to the career woman who is feeling less than enough because she has not fulfilled the womanly duties as dictated by society.

Well, it all started during one of our lunch dates, Hope and I found ourselves talking about marriage and the responsibility that we the wives carry as helpers to our awesome beings – the husbands. Hope shared some deep stuff that I thought every lady in this noble calling or at least aspiring to, needed to hear. So, I invited her to share here. I am so thrilled to let you hear it all from her… Continue reading